Varala-Tiimi skating club’s goal is to create meaningful engagement for a wide range of participants. We tailor options to individual skills, levels, and growth targets, all while infusing the experience with the sheer delight of movement and a playful spark. 🌟


Most of the training takes place in Hakametsä or Tesoma skating rinks. Occasionally some groups train also at other locations.

Group descriptions

Our coaches are happy to help you find a suitable group, if you are unsure which would be good for you.


Beginner groups are offered for various age groups:
❄️Luistelukoulu Skating school for 3-6 year-olds
❄️Koululaisten luistelukoulu Skating school for 7-15 year-olds
❄️Aikuisten tekniikka Technique group for adults over 16 year-olds

Hobby groups

Groups for those who already have some background in skating
❄️Tiitiäiset For small kids who continues after skating school
❄️Harrastusryhmä Hobby group for school-aged kids
❄️Aikuisten tekniikka Technique group for adults over 16 year-olds. For various levels of adult skaters
❄️Entiset tähdet for former active skaters who have retired from competitions

Competitive single skating

There are several groups for competitive single skaters
❄️Group X trains 6 times/week on ice and includes skaters from Novices to Seniors.
❄️Group Y trains 6 times/week and consists of skaters from Springs to Novices.
❄️Group W trains 3-4 times a week and has skaters competing in Novice C to Juniors C categories.
❄️Group N trains 3-4 times a week with skaters competing in Beginners Pre-Young and Young categories.
❄️Group F and M trains 5-6 times a week with skaters competing in Chicks, Cubs and Springs C categories.
❄️Group R trains 4 times a week and consists of skaters beginning their competition careers.

Special Olympics single skating

Varala-Tiimi offers a training program for Special Olympics single skaters (Soveltava). Training takes place twice a week (Wednesday and Friday) with trainer Tanja Töyrylä-Kannisto. All levels of skaters are welcome as the training is tailored for the individual needs of each athlete.