The Club

Varala-Tiimi Ry was founded on 24th of June 1997. In 2022 it was transformed to focus purely on ice skating.

Varala-Tiimi has been part of the Finnish Figure Skating Association since 1997.
We organize guided skating activities for competitive skaters and hobbyists. Our figure skating section provides coaching and guidance for skaters of all ages, from children to adults, across various recreational and competitive teams. We also offer practice groups for Special Olympics skaters. Our club is committed to creating a meaningful and safe environment for figure skating. We offer diverse development paths tailored to individual skills, levels, goals, and age groups, all while ensuring the joy of physical activity. Whether you’re a skater or a family member, you’ll find a positive and supportive atmosphere here. Joining our activities is easy, and we value every individual, regardless of their athletic skill level. Our aim is to foster growth and improvement in both recreational and competitive figure skating, backed by high-quality coaching.

The board of the club is responsible for managing the activities of Varala-Tiimi ry.

The Board


Johanna Takala

Teemu Majaranta (Vice-Chairman)
Hannele Hasala (Secratery)
Leena Sjöholm
Piia Mattila
Juho Merilahti
Anne Pakkanen

Other contacts

Noora Majaranta

Outi Merilahti

Katriina Jalkanen


The club’s membership fee is €10/year (for skaters, it is included in the price of the season fee).
The membership fee can be paid to the club’s account:
Payee: Varala-Tiimi ry
Recipient’s account number: FI92 1679 3000 0002 75
In the message field: Membership fee and your name